Friday, 28 October 2016

The New MacBook Pro

I have yet to see the new MacBook pro in the flesh, but can't help worrying that Apple have lost their sense of direction a little. Maybe they're struggling without Steve.

So what's not to like:
  1. No MagSafe! Seriously! I was reflecting on this last night in our lounge, with three MacBook Pros with cables trailing around the floor in various directions. We run a support centre at work and the only major brand of laptop that we don't see with broken power connectors and damaged cables is Apple. USB type C and thunderbolt 3 are welcome, but bring back MagSafe please!
  2. The Touch Bar looks cool, I want to play with one. However it's an expensive addition and I use my MacBook more often with the lid closed. No doubt Apple's suite of applications will make the most of this gadget, so it's a clever USP that will also also drive customers towards Apple's whole ecosystem.
  3. Price. The specs have changed so it's hard to accurately compare, but these devices have become seriously expensive. Earlier this year I bought a MacBook Pro for £862. They now start at £1124 (educational prices). That's a 30% increase. I guess you can blame maybe 10% of that on Brexit, but it's a huge increase.
Whatever is going on here, it looks like AAPL shareholders may share my concern.

I'm really glad that both of our family MacBook Pro's were replaced earlier this year.