Friday, 29 June 2012

Like to succeed, but not afraid of failure!

I went bowling with 100 or so of my closest friends this afternoon. A few of us are pretty good, but most just enjoy having some fun with people they don't see much of. I'm not much good, but like most of us like it when I somehow manage to knock some pins over, but feel a bit embarrassed if I miss completely too often.

While watching some of our high achievers I noticed something interesting. When a throw immediately looked pretty good they would watch intently to see where the ball went.  More interestingly, when their aim was less accurate they would quickly turn away and not pay attention to the outcome.

This is all obviously only a bit of fun, but it seems to me that we have a bunch of people who do their best, really like it when we do well together, but are not terribly afraid of failure. Overall it seems to me that people who think like this very often do much better than those who are worried of what will happen if they get something wrong.

For what it's worth I watch any ball I throw like a hawk from the moment it leaves my hand. Sigh.

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